Job Title:

Companion Sitting Volunteer

Skills Needed:

  • Love and appreciation for older or disabled adults
  • Patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic attitude
  • Respect for people of different backgrounds
  • Willingness to maintain confidentiality of family served
  • Willingness to follow directions of primary caregiver


  • Upon receiving assignment, volunteer caregiver will call family member to confirm date and time of arrival
  • Volunteer reviews care instructions, important phone number and verifies location of necessary items with family member
  • Volunteer must remain in the home until the family member returns
  • Volunteer will assist service recipient with non-hands-on activities
  • Monitor safety of service recipient
  • Engage as appropriate

Location of Duties:

Home of service recipient within the service area of The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville.

Time Required:

3-4 hours depending on need of service recipient and availability of volunteer

Training / Preparation:

Training provided by program coordinator or other Shepherd’s Center designee; supervised first assignment in home of recipient. Additional updates or additional training as needed and determined by program coordinator or The Shepherd’s Center staff.