You’ve Been Flocked!!!”

The Sheep Flocking Fundraiser

The Flocking

This year The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville is again putting on the fundraising event called The Flocking! Upon request, we will be putting flocks of sheep across town in the yards of businesses, churches, and even regular houses. If there is someone you want to flock give us a call and we will do the rest. If you are interested in protecting your yard, we are also selling insurance as well to keep the sheep away. Rules and pricing of the Flocking: You have been flocked, so what does this mean? It means one of your friends has paid The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville a set amount of money to have these sheep put into your yard as part of our Flocking Fundraiser.

How do I get rid of the sheep?

There are two ways of getting the flock out of your yard. First, you can continue to participate in the fun and select another person to get flocked. Just pick what size you want from the list below and call us to set up payment and we will do the rest. Or, if you just want the sheep gone, you can call us at 336-996-6696 and we will get rid of them free of charge.

12 Sheep: $50
24 Sheep: $90
36 Sheep: $140
48 Sheep: $175: No insurance available

  • Insurance against 12 Sheep: $15
  • Insurance against 13-24 Sheep: $40
  • Insurance against 25-36 Sheep: $60
  • Insurance against 37-47 Sheep: $75

Contact Thomas Canterbury at 336-996-6696, ext. 303 with questions or for more information.