We are excited to start the new year with our 2023 Board of Directors:


Lisa Bugg, President

Frank Robbins, 1st Vice President

Randall Jenkins, 2nd Vice President

Kristal Hungate, Treasurer

Logan Robbins, Asst. Treasurer

Beth Johnson, Secretary

Pam Link, Past President


Susan Furmage

Mindy Grubbs

David Jones

Taylor Thornton

Samia Wilson


 Bill Dreshfield

Robert Garcia

Joey Herman

Sonia Martin

Amanda Ruark

Lisa Simmonds 

Board Members Emeritus

Curtis Campbell

Dr. Cindy Farris

Irvin Grigg

Sandra Jennings

Carol Lackey

We would like to express a special word of thanks to those who have assisted us by serving on our 2022 Board of Directors:

Pam Link, President

Lisa Bugg, First Vice President

Frank Robbins, Second Vice President

Laurie McDaniel, Treasurer

Kristal Hungate, Asst. Treasurer

Susan Clark, Secretary

Wayne Boger

Susan Furmage

Gwyn Grubbs

Mindy Grubbs

Kristal Hungate

Randall Jenkins

Beth Johnson

Delane Johnson

David Jones

Chad Loflin

Rick Lowe

Kristi Record

Logan Robbins

Taylor Thornton

Samia Wilson