Respite Care and Visitation

Respite Care

"John insists on taking care of Ellie himself. They have been married for 60 years. John's health is beginning to suffer due to his 'round-the-clock' caregiving duties. If he becomes sick, who will care for Ellie?"

Caregivers of chronically ill persons are provided weekly a few hours of free time by volunteer sitters. A home assessment will be conducted before this care is arranged. If you know of someone who is in need of respite or if you have a few hours per month to volunteer as a companion sitter, please call or email us now.

Respite Care


Bereavement Support Group

"David comes once a week and plays checkers with dad. Not only does this give my mom a break, but it helps dad with his thought processing. David does an awesome job, which we appreciate so much," shares a daughter of one of our respite care families.

Visitation provides companionship for an individual who is in need of social interaction. By going to the home, the visitor allows a person living alone some companionship or if they have a caregiver, the opportunity for interaction with someone other than the primary caregiver. This experience is enriching for both the volunteer and the person needing visitation.